Heat Treating


Deep Hardening
Super Tough Treatment

Heat treating can significantly enhance the mechanical properties of a forging by imparting specific hardness, strength, and wear characteristics to meet the requirements of the application.
A wide variety of heat treating capabilities are at our disposal to meet virtually any application.

Deep Hardening is a unique process for obtaining ultra-high surface hardness (up to 60 Rc). After a separate normalizing operation for grain refinement, the wheel is preferentially heated and aggressively quenched, then tempered to provide a tempered martensite structure throughout the rim. This process imparts the extreme surface hardness required for applications with extremely heavy loads or abrasive wear conditions.
The "Super Tough" Wheel combines the high strength inherent to AISI-4140 steel with the hardening practices used in the deep hardening process to provide crane wheels in hardness up to 600 BHN (56 Rc). This combination of material and heat treatment yields a product capable of withstanding high loads while still having extremely high flange strength and toughness. These crane wheels are used in applications with extremely high loads where excessive flange loading occurs.

Rim Toughening
Differential Hardening
Polymer Quench and Tempering

differential wheel
Rim Toughening is a specialized austenitize, rim quench and temper procedure used to impart a mid range hardness of 321 to 388 BHN (34-40 Rc) to the rim and tread area while leaving the hub and web area tough and ductile. This treatment is used on crane wheels, industrial car wheels and sheaves for medium to heavy load requirements where surface wear is a problem. This process meets the requirements of ASTM A-504.
When high strength forged steel wheels are needed to satisfy heavy wear or load requirements, choose McKees Rocks Forgings crane wheels. With our NEW Differentially Hardened Wheel process, flange breakage is no longer a concern for older cranes and misaligned crane runaways.

This new Differentially Hardened Wheel process produces forged wheels with tread and inner flange hardness up to 62 Rc but with ductile outer flanges for increased fracture toughness.

Polymer Quench and Tempering has recently been added to compliment our other heat treating capabilities. This facility is designed for maximum flexibility by allowing us to heat treat a wide variety of materials, diameters, thicknesses and bore sizes. We are now able to provide virtually any heat treatment for carbon and alloy steels. This polymer quench and temper facility is most applicable to gear blanks, rollers and miscellaneous forgings in specialty applications.
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