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AISI-4140 Super Tough Wheel

The AISI-4140 Super Tough Wheel is capable of with standing extremely high loads while still having superior properties to carbon steel wheels.

Recommended Usage:

• Older Misaligned Cranes
• High Loading with High Flange Pressure
• Best Product for Applications with some Flange Impact   Loads

"Super Tough" 4140 Wheels

Greater Hardenability
The "Super Tough" Wheel combines the superior strength and toughness of AISI-4140 alloy steel with the proven "deep hardening" heat treating technology. The wrap is slightly less that of the traditional Deep Hardened Wheel due to the 4140 material having greater hardenability. The result is a deeper tread hardness pattern and a product with the load bearing capabilitiy close to that of a case hardened carbon steel wheel but more than twice the toughness and impact resistance.

The AISI-4140 "Super Tough" Wheel can be produced in hardnessup to 600 BHN (56 Rc) and is significantly tougher than the 1070 grades of wheels. The wheels are available in all of the sections that we manufacture as well as to your custom specifications.

To compare our four different types of hardened crane wheels please visit our wheel comparison page.

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AISI-4140 Super Tough Wheel Section
(Based on a 27" Wheel Sample)
carburized wheel section
Actual Carburized Wheel Section.
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