Quality Control

Inspection is performed on each part to ensure that your exact needs are met, everytime.

Quality Control

At McKee's Rocks Forgings, inspection is performed using a variety of non-destructive methods.  All finished parts are checked for dimension accuracy.  External and internal soundness are checked using magnetic particle examination and ultrasonic inspection techniques. Additional destructive testing can be performed on pieces requiring specific material properties located within the part. For example: specific hardness within the tread contour by depth, tensile properties within the forged product, and material composition.

We also hold multiple Quality System Accreditations such as: ISO 9001:2015, American Bureau of Shipping, and Bureau Veritas.  




Our Quality Personnel ensure that all product is inspected to our exacting standards and to our customers specific requirements. Product for McKees Rocks Forgings ony ships out once all material, geometric, and customer specific quailites are met. Our product will be shipped out to ensure a safe delivery of the product for quick assembly or finishing work.

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